Marshall Area Youth Network has been making a difference in the lives of Marshall youth since 1994. By facilitating positive youth development through networking organizations, promoting strong families and supporting school efforts we continue to have a positive influence on the community.

M.A.Y.N., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, focuses on mentoring the youth of Marshall.

We fund six different programs, which include our Lunch Buddy Mentoring, Career Mentoring, Boys are Cool/Girl's Are Powerful after-school programs, and the Marshall Leadership Team.

Board Members

Anne Sheehy, President

Senior Vice-President Corporate Sales and Marketing, Yargus Manufacturing, Inc.

Kate Shaffer, Vice-President

Risk Manager, Yargus Manufacturing, Inc.

Susan Guinnip, Treasurer

Clark County Board

Clare Beaven

Principal, North Elementary School

Jenny Francis

Longview  Bank & Trust

Brandy Nicholson


Becky Osborn

Osborn's Georgia Carpet

Ken Polky

Executive Director, Human Resources and Edgar and Clark Counties

Andrea Tarble

Marketing Manager, Yargus Manufacturing, Inc.