Marshall Area Youth Network has been making a difference in the lives of Marshall youth since 1994. By facilitating positive youth development through networking organizations, promoting strong families and supporting school efforts we continue to have a positive influence on the community.

M.A.Y.N., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, focuses on mentoring the youth of Marshall.

We fund six different programs, which include our Lunch Buddy Mentoring, Career Mentoring, Boys are Cool/Girl's Are Powerful after-school programs, and the Marshall Leadership Team.

Board Members and Employees

Anne Sheehy, President

Senior Vice-President Corporate Sales and Marketing, Yargus Manufacturing, Inc.

Kate Shaffer, Vice-President

Risk Manager, Yargus Manufacturing, Inc.

Susan Guinnip, Treasurer

Clark County Board

Clare Beaven

Principal, North Elementary School

Jenny Francis

Longview  Bank & Trust

Brandy Nicholson


Becky Osborn

Osborn's Georgia Carpet

Ken Polky

Executive Director, Human Resources and Edgar and Clark Counties

Andrea Tarble

Marketing Manager, Yargus Manufacturing, Inc.

Kelsey O'Rourke

Executive Director

Angela Fry

PR and Mentoring Coordinator